Conservatory Windows

Strictly speaking, most types of blinds can be used in a conservatory.  However there are certain blind types the particularly lend themselves to the unique environment of a conservatory.

Conservatory Roof

Perfect fit blinds designed specifically for UPVC roof systems are generally the best option.  However, roof blinds do tend to be fairly expensive.  As an alternative, depending on the roof style you may be able to consider an external awning-style roof blind.  (See Awnings for more details)


A conservatory blind should ideally help to regulate the temperature in a conservatory whilst keeping the room light and bright.

Blinds available

  1. Perfect Fit (Pleated)
  2. Perfect Fit (Venetian)
  3. Perfect Fit (Wood)
  4. Wood Venetian
  5. Aluminium Venetian
  6. Pleated Freehanging 
  7. Roller Blind
  8. Roman Blind


As you can imagine, conservatory shading is a big part of what we do at GFS Blinds. working with our customers we narrow down and select blind choices which not only give the desired shading and privacy functionality, but also look stunning. If you would like to make more use of your conservatory both in the summer and winter, give GFS a call to advise on the best shading options for you.
Greg Sunderland
Managing Director