Ideal for sunrooms and conservatories, Louvolite 20mm Pleated and Duo-pleat blinds fold away neatly and are available in a positive kaleidoscope of soft fabrics and colours.  You can even choose energy efficient fabrics or light filtering shades which offer soft, natural ambience. Perfect for those who want a single layer shade with definition and texture, the versatility of pleated blinds allows you  to control both privacy and light while providing heat insulation in the colder months.  

Pleated blinds are versatile and practical. As they are only 2cm deep they are a good option for tight spots like on the back or a door. You can choose from either a single layer of fabric where the chords and punch holes are exposed of a double layer which gives a clean un-cluttered look.
Greg Sunderland
Managing Director


What are they?

Pleated blinds are a stylish relatively lightweight option.  


The 20mm pleats stack into a tight bunch making them un-obtrusive when not in use.  There is a wide range of fabrics to choose from and can be free-hanging with a chord, tensioned, or the amazing smart-rise system which simply stays in the position without chords.


Pleated blinds can tend to be slightly more expensive than other alternatives.

Best For

Conservatories, large bay windows, tensioned in a skylight or as a perfect fit blind.