What are they?

Venetian blinds are horizontal slatted blinds made from aluminium.  available on a huge range of colours and finishes you will be able to find a colour which is near perfect match to any room.  Standard slat width is 25mm although you could also choose from 15mm or 50mm each of which give a different look.  All of our blinds are fitted with the required child safety features to give complete peace of mind.


Relatively light to operate and available in a massive range of colours.  Very effective for shade and privacy.  We also supply a range of slat weights to give you the ability to select the most appropriate quality and price to meet your needs.


Chords will need to be tied away on safety cleats when the blind is raised.  This can be an issue in bay windows.

Best For

Kitchens and utility areas which require a colourful and lightweight blind.


Full Height Shutters are the most popular option in our shutter range. Their sleek design makes them not only more stylish but also more practical.
Greg Sunderland
Managing Director