100 % Custom Made

As well as the panel configurations, there are a a number of options which allow you to customise your shutters to meet your exact requirements.   GFS understands that every home is unique and we will spend time talking through the options with you, assessing the pro’s and Cons to help you configure the perfect shutters for you.

Slat width

There are 4 slat widths to choose from; 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm.  Each will give a different style to the window.  Generally the wider the slat the more light will enter the room however they would ideally be in proportion to the size of the windows and the style you are looking to create.

Tilt Rods

Tilt rods are the vertical poles attached to each slat and give the distinctive traditional look of a shutter.  Tilt rods can be positioned centrally or offset to the side.

Increasingly, customers in new and modern style houses are opting for ‘Easy-Tilt’ where the tilt mechanism is internal to the shutter and there is no external rod.  This gives a simple and ‘clean’ look and minimises visual impairment through the slats.

Split Tilt

Split tilt allows upper and lower slats to tilt independently.  This increases functionality and maintains the integrity of a full height panel. 

Shutters Furniture

There is a range of furniture options for the shutters ranging from the colour of the brackets and pins to locks and handles.  See Gallery.  



There is a growing trend towards new-build homes having shutters installed. The range of options available makes shutters the ideal option way add your own personal style and differentiate your home from neighbouring houses.
Greg Sunderland
Managing Director